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 Last day at the Children's Hospital
i was appointed into the out patients room to entertain all the kids that are either waiting to see a doctor or is signing out of the hospital. our job was either to help them put on tattoos with the permission of their parents, make them balloon animals or just simply encouraging them to do some fun colouring in!
the kids there were all very very sweet and very cute.
all the children who wanted tattoos on their little hands were all so happy afterwards. one of the little girl who was merely 1 even blew us kisses as she left! > w <;;
there was one particular little boy who was especially clingy to his sister that began to stare at me as i was putting tattoos on other kids. and when i asked him if he wanted one, he put on the biggest and cutest smile and shyly nodded. but then his sister told him they had to ask mum first and his smile quickly turned into a disappointed frown. but after a moment, he came running back and quickly lifted his sleeve and pointed to his arm where he wanted the tattoo. i asked if his mum allowed him and he happily nodded his head. after a while i also made him a giraffe and he quickly ran towards his mum and showed her. this little blonde boy was extremely cute and his hand was extremely small and warm. actually all the children's hands were tiny and especially warm. children are such innocent, loving creatures who just need that attention and care. no matter how mischievous they are, it is in their nature to be playful. so they all have the ability to become great people in the future and it is only through a lack of love that they start to turn into bad fruits. their smiles from this session has filled my heart with fuzziness and is making my determination to become a doctor stronger. 

after saying a sad goodbye to some children, catherine and i was back into the blood cord bank room to sort out files.

lunch was chicken udon and a seaweed salad at some japanese restaurant in randwick. it was very mediocre. 

last session was in the starlight express room where i drew pictures and made cards for the patients who came to play.

after that it was back to the conference room where monica signed our forms and gave us our certificates as a appreciation for our help.
overall the hospital experience has opened my eyes to the works of a hospital and has given me a wider perspective of what it takes to become a doctor. It has also made me appreciate my own health as well as the ones of others. When you save a life like the ones of the children i have met during my work at this hospital, the way they can smile and have the ability to live happily gives you the power to feel more alive and willing to take on anything in this world.
I would like to thank the Sydney Children's Hospital for this opportunity. just so that i could see the smiles like the ones of those children again, i will give it more than my all and have the ability and motivation to face all challenges in the future.

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