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 new favourite: sheet masks
I've recently joined the Asian sheet mask craze with a massive order of My Beauty Diary masks from Sasa.

Official My Beauty Diary Website
From: My Beauty Diary Mask.com
My Beauty Diary Masks are face masks which originates from Taiwan. My Beauty Diary is very popular in Asia as My Beauty Diary Masks are suitable for Asian skins, made of natural ingredients, proven effective and most of all, they are affordable! Even Taiwanese actresses, Big 'S' (Da S also known as Barbie Hsu) and Small 'S' (Xiao S also known as Dee Hsu) recommend the masks.
The masks itself has really nice scents but can sometimes be a little over powering.
Also what is great about them is that the mask stays on while you either try to read or watch tv because the essence is not too runny but does stay moist for as long as an hour or more.
The shape of the mask fits the face perfectly and yes there would be excess essence inside the packet where you can rub on your hands or where ever you desire.
I usually just use them once a week when I can be bothered/remember to but they do make a very nice treat!
Overall they are decent masks and gives an instant effect that goes away after a day or so. - definitely not comparable with SKII masks though! BUT are great quality masks at their price (US$1-2each or a box of 10 for around US$12-$13)
But be warned, some people have been prone to break out from these masks and there are sellers out there who offer fake ones - yeah I know, stupid but true.
Also note that different colors or ingredients give different effects such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, acne care etc.
If anyone wants specific reviews on any of the packets shown, just say so!

ALSO they have recently came out with a new range of sheet masks which are a little more expensive but are said to be for the better! (a box of 5 for US$8-9)
I have purchased the new range in Tulip and will try that out after I finish my current ones!

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