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 Brothers are on camp!
My brothers are currently off on a 4 day 3 night camp with mono and so I get to stay home with my parents all to myself.. YAY... ):
BUT ANYWAYS! It's actually 2am now so I guess this post is for yesterday, the 8th of July.
mm.. I had English tutor in the morning and then went out to City with dad to look for my new phone.
Getting the new Samsung Galaxy SII cause Peter (my first brother) got himself a HTC Desire HD too. ):
- The phone will arrive in a few days since my cousin works at the phone store and she's grabbing it for me.
Since most males get sick of looking around in shops, we just stopped at Starbucks for a cup of coffee.
Then mummy joined us, her and I just went shopping while my dad went to get his eyes tested by the Optometrist. :D
And then we had dinner at ChatTai in which I paid the bill. cause I'm so nice. LOL
But yeah. It felt so different without my two little brothers.
I miss them very very much though. Hope they're not freezing their a** off in bush and that they're eating enough. ):

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