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 Bubbi's Pre-19 Outing
Bubbi's b'day is this Sunday and since I have work on Saturday and Sunday I figured it'd be good to go out today before we actually celebrate on a later date.

Bubbi had to sign up to his new job this morning so we met up in the afternoon around 1pm at Townhall

We headed towards Mamak and had a hugeeeeee meal; he really likes the roti and curry there. 

We ordered a Roti Canai each, Chicken Satay Skewers (1/2 dozen - super small compared to last time we ordered it), Sambal Udang (he lovedd the tiger prawns with the sauce) and Nasi Goreng (another one of bubbi's fav). Basically he enjoyed his meal very much and ate every last bit of it. hahah
Service was fast and choppy but don't expect 5star dining! The meal came to a total of around $55AUD so quite cheap for everything but the skewers. 

We then went to Lantern for an hour of Karaoke. Bubbi ended up singing his fav song atm (Primadonna Girl) hahah. This place used to be the good old GreenBox but because of its decreasing popularity, Wagaya took over management and made it another restaurant/karaoke place. Their lunch menu here is really cheap if you can eat before 3pm; it's like around $10 for a whole Japanese lunch set!

- After that, we headed towards the cinema to see if there's any good movies out and we were disappointed to the selection of showings so we opt for 2 games of Basketball at Timezone where I won the first round and he beat me the second (Just like when we first hung out! LOL). We also went to Starbucks next door where I ordered a grande passion shaken tea with lemonade and bumped into some of Benson's friends as well as Connie&co.

We relaxed and had a chat at Starbucks for a bit and then I decided that I need a new GPS just so I don't have to rely on my phone's battery and making sure that I won't get lost on the road to UNSW. So we headed towards DickSmith but saw the crazy prices for a TomTom (around >$200) so we went to JB.Hi.Fi cause I remembered they had some price reductions right now. So stood there for an hour deciding if I should get the TomTom XL Classic, Via 160 or the Navman Ezy100T. In the ended I liked the display of the TomTom more and bubbi trusted this brand more so I bought the Via160 for $136 reduced from around $200. 

And that was pretty much our day.
OKIE gotta get stuck in making tutoring notes. 
BYE! (:
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