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 Vicki and cat's bday (12/12/12)
@gunamatta bay park
Drove there early at around 230 to help set up
Waited around with Cat Ellen and Jason til everyone else arrvied at 4pm.
Mish then brought Vicki along with Michael and we surprised her with the cake as the party was meant to be a surprise party for Vicki.
Took photos, had some sushi and chow mien. Then went out to the beach to play around before looking for Benson since he went to Cronulla beach instead.
After that we swam in the beach for a bit before going back to the hall for some BBq. After dinner some people went home by train and the people who stayed played some drinking games before we decided to head off into our cars and go meetfresh for dessert.
When we got to hurstville, meetfresh was closing so we decided to call it a night a parted ways.
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