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 SiChuan Hotpot & NIGHTLIFE ! ♥

annie just came home from City… and her feet are sore from her 3inch heels.
*sad face

ANYWAYS I went to Red Chilli Si Chuan in Chinatown and had the 30bucks (p.p) hotpot ~ OMG there was like soooo much food! 2 whole trays of it. hahahs I had to friggin loosen my belt after I was done cause it was suffocating me. *teeheeeee .. buhh we ended up wasting like 1 whole tray of food cause we couldn’t finish it. Yeah.. I know right… such a waste..

I also went to the bakery in Chinatown and Jenna got her parents some nice ole’ egg tarts. I found these funky chocolate coated strawberries that looked like little men in tuxedos. God they looked so ……*drools ~~

Met some card magician guy that ripped me off at Chinatown. He started talking to me and dragged me to look at his lame card tricks.. lols I swear I’ve had enough of those from Andrew. Knew those tricks like the back of my hand .. and at the end he still made us pay him. DANGIT ! 

mm we took some photos in Dixon St cause like that alleyway’s super lively at night. And then some drunk aussie guys came up to us and told us to take a photo with em. FRIGGIN treating us like tourists I swear. ahahha. The photo turned out blurry, my camera must have hated them too.

LNC dessert house was packeddd so we went Gelatissimo for dessert instead cause we were too lazy to walk back to French Reviera

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