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 K - K - Karate Kid.
Went to see Karate Kid with Janet, Joet and Chris today.
It was a decent movie, kind of cliche but nonetheless worth watching in ways.

Before the movie, we went to Galaxy world and played Gundam. I won a 2vs1 game against the guys, hahahs SHAME! But I accidentally left my novel "EMMA" on top of the machine and didn't realise it until after the movie had finished. Luckily someone turned it in at the counter so I was lucky enough to get it back.Also, I got soaking wet when I went back to obtain the novel. I swear, Sydney weather's so strange; it was full sunny when I went into the cinema and when I came out, it was pouring like no tomorrow.
Janet and I dogged the guys for a while and went to Chatime for some "girl to girl" D&M time, but it was soon interrupted by Chris's constant texts so we headed back to them as they went to grab food.

Around 4pm, Janet had to leave because she had a curfew and surprisingly Cici was finishing work so as the guys left, I stayed with Cici and we went to karaoke at Greenbox.


After the voice breaking 2hrs, Cici decided to go to her restaurant - "Chinatown Noodle King" located near Chinatown (hahahs) to grab some food. We ended up eating "霸王餐" there.
It's a very neat little shop and has an open kitchen. The food there is very decently priced, a very nice ambience - there's even a shelf full of mangas! and service and quality of food was excellent.
~ I still feel bad about not paying for that meal though. *sigh.

It was around 8pm and we decided to walk through the Friday night markets and towards Central station. It was super lively and as we strolled through the little street stands, the crowd just swallowed me in. Thus, I ended up holding Cici's hand through the whole walk out of Chinatown. - o -;;

Sydney nightlife

We rushed to the station thinking that the train was going to leave, but realised that it was alright to still catch the next train.

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