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My order from sasa arrived today and as usual, I was excited to rip all the bubble wrap off and take a look at all the goodies.

left to right:
TOP: Mentholatum - SUNPLAY Skincare UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++; JUJU Cosmetics - AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner (Light); Lotree - Ruby Clear Cleansing Oil; Gi & Gary - Professional Eyelashes B3 2L Black
BOTTOM: Dr G - Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF30 PA++; (free) Lotree - Triple Balance Makeup Base Sample
Together I paid around $97AUD, and since I ordered together with Michelle Liang and her order was way over $300AUD, I got my stuff through free express shipping. (if anyone wants a review of any of these, just request it)

Anyways, since it's the holidays, I went to visit Janet at Tempe today along with Michelle.
After her free period, Michelle and I left for city and we went to Tenren for lunch.
She ordered a 913 KINGS MILK TEA w/ QQ and brick toast. While I got myself a nice hot cup of Jasmine Green Milk Tea. As a snack, we also got roasted squid.

I have to say.. I did prefer the 913 KINGS MILK TEA over the Jasmine Green Milk Tea..
I don't know if the problem's with just the tea or the person who made my tea, but the cup I had today was .. more .. watery ? lols.. like you can taste the water but not the milk..
yeah.. weird.

After that, we headed back to Sydenham so I could pick Janet and Angela up cause they wanted me to watch Eclipse with them.
mm I have to say.. it was pretty bad.. *please don't throw anything at me* ..
Just a whole lot of.. kissing ... nakie boys... and yeah.. action lasted for 3mins at the end.... if I want to see shirtless guys, might as well just google image it and not pay that 17bux. hmmph.
but honestly.. I literally yawned around 36 times and fell asleep 3 times during the whole course of the movie..
yeah.. pretty awful..

That's pretty much it... OH ! I went back to Mamaruya the other day with Michelle for lunch, and .. we ordered a Chicken Katsu Curry. and goddddd...
loved it. hahahs. I just loved the fact that they put the curry in a separate little pot with a cute spoon in it.
heheh. anddddddd yeah.
I'm off to start on my holiday assignments. *sad face..

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