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 Visiting the State Library.
I went to the State Library for the first time with Benson today. I felt that it was the most productive weekend I've had since we were there from 2-5pm just studying. Like no play. Just plain hardcore study.
But we also ended up checking out hot chicks that walked pass. *giggles And we also saw Jamie and friend there studying. Those shifty bastards. LOL
LOL! one funny thing was, he had lost the key to our locker and when the grumpy guy came out to help us, Benson got the wrong locker so the key that was turned in didn't work. I told him it was the locker next to the one he pointed out to but he said that he can't be wrong. After that another kind man came down telling us we needed to pay for a replacement key. But after he tried the key on the locker that I had pointed out to, it opened. And Voila! Our bags were right there. The kind man told Benson to put down all his books and take some rest and told me to take good care of him tonight. o.o;
Anyways after that we decided to walk to Townhall from Martin Place. But instead I had led us to the wrong direction towards Circular Quays. So I ended up walking all that distance in 4inch heels. But it was all good, because I got to see part of the City that I've never been to before. The work district was empty because it was the weekends so we had the whole place to ourselves. I also got the chance to walk past the Museum which I've never been to before.
Anyways after we reached Martin Place station, we took the train back to Townhall and check the time for Toy Story 3 at Event Cinema (since I still haven't seen the film yet). It was at 7pm so we figured it was too late so we just went to eat at iTaiwan.
After that I had to get my cousin a birthday present so we went inside Wong Bo Tong to buy her some albums and stuff. On our way out, we saw Jamie and friend again! They accused us of dating and shit.. ==; I think they were stalking us. LOL! Those kids were apparently on they way to a night party at Wynard. But yeah.. it was nice seeing them again.

That was basically my day.. Got home at 9pm and just crashed. 

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