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 until you reach.. INCEPTION!

Went to City to meet up with Benson Ou and Cici Li after school today.
Carl whacked me across the head with a water bottle while he walked past.. grr. Must have wanted to make me loose my brain cells so there's one less competitor in HSC. BUT! I'm not giving up so easily. heh.
Anyways Benson and I walked to Townhall Event Cinemas to check the time of the movie, INCEPTION and saw Selina and Howard having lunch at Subway. DAMN they're so cute together. And did I mention Selina's very very very very very..(enter multiple very's here)...pretty? 8)
After that Cici arrived and we all headed towards Max Brenners in David Jones to waste some time before the movie started. She and I both ordered a Skimmed Cappuccino and because Benson was sick, he didn't order anything. Oh wells, his lost! Cause it was oh so delicious.

Anyways Cici had to leave for a friend's dinner at 5pm and since the movie started at 5:20pm so it was good timing. Benson and I sent Cici off to the station and went back to the cinema to buy our tickets.

Other than the once in a while sound lags (yeah I know right!), everything else was just mind blowing! And since I just did an English speech on the degree of verisimilitude in modern adaption of various historical events, it made me criticise the film in so many ways. LOL! But it was still an awesome movie, and it kept me entertained. It had an easy to follow storyline (well easier to understand than shutter island)  but Benson still had to ask me what had happened in some scenes. Also, I think we kinda wrecked the ending for everyone else by taking away the intended atmosphere of suspense and curiosity as we ended up screaming "I TOLD YOU!" repetitively before the rolling of the end credits.
We ended up having to Scissors, Paper, Rock our opinions out because his thoughts on the ending was different from mine - the question of if Leonardo was still in a dream or not, and of course, I had won. hahahs.
Anyways, it's a MUST SEE film and you'd be missing out heaps if you don't go to watch it!

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