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 dog and dogged.
Jeans for Genes day today! and I bought myself a $5 badge to support the foundation.
It's a major fundraiser for the Children's Medical Research Institute.

mm went to visit Mish's new puppy during lunch.
She randomly bought it with her boyfriend the other day simply because they saw it and felt like it.
It's a Silky Terrier x Maltese, 2months old and still nameless. He's super adorable though, because he literally licks anyone he meets and gets super excited when someone new comes around.

Anyways.. after I gave the puppy back to Mish, I headed off to city in hopes of .. doing something..
like watch Step Up 3D...
since I'm missing out on Khalil's concert which is literally in one and a half hrs. );
Cici came for like half an hour and told me she had to go because her mum insisted her to go home..
then her bf came and they walked off while I bumped into Zac, Sandy and Ricky.
Yeah.. I ended up going home because it was so depressing..

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