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 Spring's coming. I can almost feel it.
I enjoyed the warmth of a late winter's day today.
The weather became drastically warmer after last night's late shower.
mm I guess 2010's winter is going to disappear as soon as it came.

Anyways hahahs. Something funny happened on the train this morning.
Some Asian FOB guy came up to me and asked for my number. He spoke in Mandarin and as I couldn't care less (since I was busy studying for my chemistry exam), I just said: "Excuse me?"
He tried to ask in English but failed miserably and ended up shamefully walking back to his "group". Everyone around laughed at this kid, at the end I kinda felt sorry for him but you can never help chuckling along with the rest of the crowd yourself.
We did some combustion experiment with burning twigs in chemistry class.. and now I smell like a smoker...
I also found out that my yr9 English teacher tutors at Pre Uni...
What else... OH! I got to flip through the Black Book for DFS's 50th anniversary. 12th person in the world to see it. Pretty funky huh? I think so too. ;)
OH! and Conan owes me lunch next Thursday!
That's pretty much it. Ciao~~

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