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 joet's formal
I just got home from the LaSelle yr12 formal and it was a blasttttt!
Not really. But it was still awesome. (:
It was held at Dockside Darling Harbour, the same place that Arthur held their formal last year.
I was still talking on msn when the boys came to pick me up. hahahs. Bao was driving and Chris sat in the front passenger seat while Joet and I sat at the back. While we were on our way to Chris' house, Joet got off to pick up the corsages from the local flower shop that I never knew existed.

When we got to Chris' house, he and Bao had to get ready, and during that time I met Chris' family. o.o;
It was sooooo awkward. Like.. I was speechless... since yeah. *sweatdrops
Anyways after that, we went to pick up Joanna at Strathfield and made our way back to Chris' house so we could all catch the train to City. 
We made it to the event just in time so it was all good. At the foyer, Jo and I were just holding onto each other because it was so strange being the only Asians in an unknown crowd full of Caucasians. After being led through the crowd by Joet, I found Anna and her boyfriend, Richard. She was very pretty and they looked so cute together!
After that, we were all led into the main room where the event was meant to be held. We had our entree, then the guys went off to take photos. Jo and I just walked around.. and yeah. We just bonded to each other throughout the whole night. 
Then the mains and desserts came.. and after the food, everybody went on the dance floor to pull off some moves. It was fun.. and tiring. hahahs. And the music was very strange.. one minute you have music from the 80s, the next you get Lebanese music. Richard also dedicated a song to Anna and guess what it was... I'll give you 3 seconds.... 1...2...BABY! by Justin Bieber. hahahs. Yes... I know... everyone was too hyped up to care though. I still reckon it was very sweet of him. (:

That was basically it. Typical formal night.. and now I'm as tired as hell. (yes, dancing for 4hrs in 13cm heels can get very tiring!)
Anywaysss I'm off to bed guys~ night!

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