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 Benson's bday
Today was Benson's 17th Birthday!

I was appointed to organise a surprise birthday outing for him.. but he kinda popped my bubble throughout the day.
He was late after he had his exams so we skipped Norita, therefore I was able to get my morning coffee at Starbucks
After that we watched Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps at Event Cinema in Townhall.
Didn't really get to see the movie cause I was distracted throughout the film. SO can't really give a completely honest opinion of it. 
We then made our way to KingPin Bowling at Darling Harbour. He beat me in a game of Bowling.. then we played pool at one of the pool tables there and I won, air hockey - I won 7:6 and then finally Daytona which Benson took the lead.. 3 times.
After that, we just made our way to Wagaya for dinner and it was decent. 
I loved the ambiance and service of the place. Overall we paid about $90 for 2.

mm then we just walked towards Central station but ended up taking sticker photos at Capitols.

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