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 Asian Parents and their superstitions.
As my tuition class finished at around 8:30pm today (no wait .. scratch that, it's now past 12am so YESTERDAY), I was surprised that my dad wasn't driving the usual Toyota Camry but instead an old bombshell ;; you know those old old cars made in the late 80s to early 90s.
When I sat down I asked him, "so ... whose car's this?" he just simply gave me an answer of "someone else's." I don't know why, but that answer really bugged me._| ̄|○

Half way through the trip home, he started asking stuff like "so, do you want to give the kitten away? Or set it free to the wild?" and straight away, the atmosphere turned from light hearted to very awkward. I mean I was thinking, 'why the hell is he asking me this? It's only been what? NOT EVEN 3 DAYS since Hiro came' Stuck in my chain of thoughts, everything turned particularly silent. (except for the noise coming from the exhausted car engine) Then he asked again, this time saying stuff like, "are you sure you don't have any friends that would like to take him?"
and straight away, I answered, "NO."(,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`:

Later did I find out that the back screen of the usual Toyota Camry was smashed today by a thrown pebble (probably by one of those lewd Middle-Eastern boys living nearby - no offence - that keeps throwing things outside our house and pranking the doorbell) ;; which our neighbour also said might have been a bird as well. BUT I find it SUPER hard to believe that it was a bird, since the whole screen was smashed.

After hearing about this indecent from my family, my mother then told me that apparently on the day I brought Hiro home, it was my father's birthday, and that he now considers Hiro as a source of BAD LUCK (simply because Hiro's mostly black in colour and the fact that I brought him home on the day of his birthday)

I strongly DISAGREE on the thoughts my father has and the biased opinion he has towards Hiro. I mean seriously !!!!!! WTH !??? Asian parents seriously believe anything other people tell them, but they would just not listen to their own children. (-_-;)

My father ended off with a note of: "we seriously don't understand each other anymore huh?" Simply because he told me to "泡点茶吧" & following his request I made tea for him but instead he meant he wanted me to boil water.
I MEAN SERIOUSLY !! HE SAID "茶" which is TEA. If he wanted water, he should have said "水" ! 〜(m~-~)ノ

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