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It's officially Halloween in the US today ! HOORAH ~  
But since I'm in Australia, I'm actually 1 day late (it's now the 1st Nov) and.. we DO NOT celebrate it here.
( ̄~ ̄;)
Yes I know it's sad.. but hey what can I do..

Trick or treating sounds so awesome! I would wanna try it at least once in my life..
and wouldn't it be funky to just go around dressing up and no one would give you the dirties for wearing something strange ~
*sigh .. (*´ο`*)=3

HOWEVER ! Even though I can't experience the real thing, I'm still spending my halloween on Gaiaonline with all the wonderful US people ~ *thank god for all the halloween events*
arrrr internet lets you do so many impossible things. 八(^□^*) 

hmm .. if you have a gaia acc then i'll meet you there!

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