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 GOGO星爺 !
I have been up since 11pm last night watching Steven Chow movies.... and I'm still going (it's now around 10:45pm) !
And that's why I'm here writing this ~

I still remember the days when I was living in China where I used to take the Stephen Chow VCD (yes I know that's old school but hey what can you do) collections out of the disk cabinet and watch them til morning ~

I don't know, but the recent films to me just aren't as good as the old ones that were shot in the 1990's. But he's still an awesome actor. 
Definitely one of my parent's favourite actors - thus I've seen his films since I was born - and now he's one of my favourites.

Hope he'll continue to bring us fantastic movies that seems to crack me up every time. 
No matter how many times I watch the movies, they still manage to make me 'Laugh Out Loud' 

加油星爺~  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆

credit: image @http://news.hunantv.com.cn/lanmu/story/jqjm/200803/W020080306420217988268.jpg
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