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So I haven't been updating in a longggg time but as if anyone reads what I blab about here anyways~ *heh
Mmm so '09 CHRISTMAS and '10 NEW YEARS is officially OVER ! And I've been pretty much up and running all day (not literally but you get what I mean) with family gatherings and whatnot.
I've also been sleeping in A LOT while taking all nighters.. I know it's bad for my skin but I CAN"T HELP IT ! (*゜Д゜*)

My uncle also married a pretty chinese lady on the 29th of December 2009 and I caught the bouquet ! Well, the bride threw it three times before it was "officially" caught by anyone and I supposedly was lucky enough.
After I caught it, photos were taken with the bride and I and then I gave the bouquet to the sweet little girl who caught it the first two times.
I felt sorry for her because the host kept on saying it didn't count after she caught it since she was "underage". I mean seriously! If she caught it the first two times it must mean she was meant to be the one to catch it (by fate or something) so why not just give her the dam bouquet and fulfill her little dream of catching the bride's bouquet!? (I know little girls have those type of dreams because I was like that once...)
But anyways, the wedding was overall a success and I wish the happy couple all the best for the future years ~~ (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)

The Back of the Bride (I thought it was a pretty photo ;; not bad for random surprise shots)

The Couple (Blurry I know...)

OH ! Since everyone's been raving about the new movie AVATAR, I've taken the effort and watched AVATAR 3D with Victor.N at Event Cinemas, George St Townhall last week. To me, it was those type of movies you can sit and enjoy with a bunch of friends if you don't think about the deep stuff like the plot ~
But overall it didn't really WOW me as, to be honest, I thought it was very cliché ~
So if I had to rate it I would give it a 3/5 for effort.

Now onto MY 2010 RESOLUTIONS ! _〆(・∀・@)
So 2010 is going to be a bigggg year for me as a S**TLOAD of challenges are going to arise with the new school & dealing with my senior years ;; eg. making new friends, keeping up with grades, and whatnot ~
So all I really and truly want to achieve this year is just :
- get As in most of my reports -- all Asians will have this as a resolution*heh
- get along with the girls at my new school -- being left out is kind of "not my thing"
- STUDY HARDER! -- i know.. i usually don't study at all.. and I really wonder how I'm not even close to failing at school... BUT yr11 at St George is NO DOUBT going to be completely different ~
- keep up with my financial obligations and try not to blow my money on unnecessary things (eg. perfume collection *sobss)
- stay away from the "romantic" side of life -- HAZZARR ! I've already survived 2yrs of being unattached and still going! Now THAT's an achievement
- get ranked at least in the top 50 of St George
and yeah.. that's what I can really think of right now so ..
I might update on this if I can think of anymore ~

mmm I think that's about it for now!
*no don't hurt me -- by that I mean DON'T SPAMMM

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