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I would like to thank JESSICA MA, JANET YI & KAREN VIEN for their farewell letters, EDWARD ZHENG for his X'mas card & DAMIAN YU for the big bouquet of flowers & X'mas card.

Also I would like to thank 10W for being such a wonderful class!
Yes, I know we have already shed a few tears during the speeches. However even as I'm typing this, my eyes water up from just thinking about all the times we had - Just suddenly not being able to see your gorgeous faces at school anymore is a dreadful and frightening thing.

To Karen's question of : "Hey Annie, do you think we'll still be friends forever?"
Well to answer your question Karen:
Nothing in this world lasts forever. Just like the flowers Damian bought me. They'll die sooner or later.
But until the day that I die (just like the flowers), I will treasure our friendship like how a child treasures their first teddy bears.
So you better be prepared to be spammed with phone calls, emails and invites to outings woman!
And this applies to all 10W students!


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