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 13/11 - FAREWELL
Since the SC has finished, the two selective classes of THS went out for a farewell outing especially organised for the people who are leaving next year (including me). 
I turned up a little later than usual and something unfortunate happened at Central station so everyone had to wait for me in order to start laser tag. *SORRY! m(_ _)m
I was part of the YELLOW team (with Jessica, Janet & Michelle) in laser tag (at Harbourside) and my codename was Eclipse; reminds me of that mint I used to buy all the time ~
Unfortunately during the game, all the guys ganged up on me..and I was running around in heels.. so I ended up dying all the time.
In the end, I came 3rd last ~ *fumes (,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`:!!
BUT one good thing was I kept killing the only other "white boy" (since all of us were Asians except Jeremy) in the game. AHAHHA ! ( ´ ▽ ` )
here's the score board ~
After laser tag, Janet and I walked off to shop a little and by the time we returned, everyone was gone.
Apparently they went to Pizza Hut for buffet. Janet and I decided we would go somewhere else for lunch and we ended up at Poporo at Market City.
We had some chicken teriyaki set and it was very nice. I really liked the atmosphere and the furniture designs. - Highly recommended place to have your lunch at ~
LUNCH :  ❤❤❤❤
Something that made me laugh while we were having lunch was that a Korean couple behind us were talking about something and Janet quietly told me whatever they were talking about was very inappropriate.
Janet then said : "I'll tell you after we eat"
The first thing that came in my mind was : "Are they talking about poop?"
She then said : "no, they're talking about farting.."
I just randomly cracked up laughing. How embarrassing ~ (>。≪)

Anyways after lunch, we went to look for a new battery for my phone.
We found one not long after and we also bought a matching couple charm for both of our phones - as a joke/for fun
It has a ring and a cross the the middle with a boy/girl attached to the ring. and if you put the boy and girl together, they kiss !  ❤
I mixed them in my hands and hid them behind my back for Janet to pick since we couldn't decide who should take which. Janet went for the one in my left hand (she said she picked it because she was left handed. (。_。)) and it turned out to be the guy. So I was stuck with the girl charm ~
The other charm is the POPOBE bear Michael bought me when we were at City. ( ´∀`)
That basically ended my supposedly "farewell" day. I spent over $100AUD on .. 
I can't really remember what! (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

I'm going to be working from 1pm-5pm @ FORCAST inside WORLDSQUARE ~
See you there. (^_-)☆

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