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 "Tilt your head up a little"
I had my school photos today and every year, it's the same horrible experience ~
I don't know why but the photographers always say to me: "tilt your chin up"
But when I get my photos back, it almost looks like I was straining to look at the ceiling.
(  ゚_ゝ゚)

Overall, I know it's going to turn out really awful, so I hope I never get my photos back.
oh~ don't you just LOVEEEE school photos? (`ー´)

Something very funny also happened while I was waiting for my photo to be taken ;;
I just walked into the toilets, and the whole bathroom was just full of girls fighting for a spot at the mirrors - of course to put makeup on and check on their hair etcetc....
All I ended up doing was walking out and start cracking up ~ Because you don't usually get that in co-ed schools.
ironic isn't it? (*^^)

Also, I have recently gotten myself a little infection on my tongue.
Now I can't eat, drink and speak properly.
OUCH.  (。_゜)〃

mood : in pain ~~ ☆⌒(>。≪)

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