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WARNING : This does get personal, so if you don't like it then FOOK OFF & STOP TROLLING.

My parents fight whenever they're home and it's always about "MONEY, MONEY MONEY"!
FFS! They seriously have to realise that money can't buy you everything, and also the fact that screaming their lungs out in front of me doesn't quite make much of a difference.
They never have the courtesy to even try to listen ~
And they should really understand that I'm currently in my Preliminary HSC, studying my ass off just so that in the future they don't ever have to care about money issues anymore... but instead, they just .. they don't even know the effect it has on us kids, huh?
I'm just so sick of it...
Every night I just...
.. why do I even bother with trying so hard..?
...someone once told me to do it for myself, but if it wasn't for the sake of my parents, I would've never started trying...

Hopefully someday they'll start listening.. but .. I guess it'll be too late...
Because by then.. it wouldn't really matter as much. 

A family with no love or understanding is not a family..
We're just mere strangers who sleep in the same house...

mood : sick of it all (*´ο`*)=3

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